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“This new whippersnapper Avik killing it on Obamacare. It is spectacular—I really look forward to my weekly nourishment...backed by solid facts to provide alternatives for where we need to go from here.” — Jeb Bush, Foundation for Excellence in Education

“A brilliant young man.” — Karl Rove, Fox News

How Medicaid Fails The a gem of a book.” — Bill Bennett, Claremont Institute

“On health care, almost everybody is just writing footnotes to Avik Roy.” — Kevin Williamson, National Review

“The most influential conservative analyst on health care.” — Hugh Hewitt, The Hugh Hewitt Show

“Avik has become the go-to policy wonk critic of the health care law...the chief critiquer on the Right...[the] guru.” — Chuck Todd, NBC News

One of the “blogs I disagree with [that] I check daily.” — Ezra Klein, The Washington Post

Roy is “unfailingly respectful and polite...a popular guest on left-leaning TV.” — Ryan Cooper, Washington Monthly

“One of the best takes from conservatives on that set of issues.” — Chris Hayes, MSNBC

A “conservative intellectual powerhouse.” — Joan Walsh, Salon

“Roy is about as good as you get in this stuff: his tone is even, he actually knows something.” — Paul Krugman, The New York Times

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